Being The Dead Girl

17-year-old Deryn Schroeder has just been murdered and not being able to remember what happened is haunting her.
After being rescued from a spirit eater by the mysterious Aeneas, Deryn is brought to Ravenshaw Sanctuary, a haven for lost spirits. . . or so they claim.
Ravenshaw has many rules, all enforced by a descendant of the Ravenshaw family, a cranky old man who can’t stand Deryn.The punishment for breaking the rules – banishment to the in between, a world of nightmares and lost souls. Ravenshaw’s core belief: The living dwell with the living. The dead dwell with the dead.

In other words, don’t even think about going back to your old life.
Deryn may have partial amnesia from when she was alive but she’s confident she wasn’t a rule follower. With help from former classmate, who happens to be a medium, they try to piece together what happened the night she died.
But Ravenshaw is more a twisted creepy ghost town than a haven. Deryn discovers spirits are actually disappearing under the guise of being helped and she could be next . . . especially if she’s caught breaking the rules. Desperate for answers Deryn makes a deal with Aeneas who may just be death itself.
This was not the senior year she had planned.
Being The Dead Girl is the first book in a new YA Paranormal series. If you like the creepy underbelly of Stranger Things and the uncharted ghost territories of The Haunting of Bly Manor, you'll love Being The Dead Girl.

A Dangerous Longing

It's been almost a year, but Avery hasn't gotten over her father's death in a tragic accident. He was the only one who understood her special abilities, which he instructed her to always keep secret. Who can she talk to now that he's gone?

One of her friends isn't who he seems to be, and he warns her that her father and she are faeries, and that the Fairy world has been hunting for her. Worse, once they find her, she'll have to stand trial on behalf of her father for a crime she's sure he'd never have committed. Her only choice is to figure out who actually did commit the crime so she can exonerate her father... And herself. Avery will have to figure out who she can trust amongst the faeries and who is too dangerous.

To stay grounded in her every day world and keep her cover, Avery attends school, dodges bullies, enjoys what might be the last times with her best friends, and crushes on a love interest... All the while tracking down the answers she needs. Along the way she discovers it isn't just her own life that hangs in the balance, but the life of everyone she knows and loves. How will she save them all?

Kindle Vellas

Wytch: The Darkling

After an unspeakable freak accident killed a fellow student and Tara was the only witness, she's become an outcast. Even her one-time best friend can't be around her. Everyone around her is wondering what happened and some even wonder if she was the cause of the accident. Tara is used to being on the outside, her mother is a witch after all. Now strange dangerous shadows are circling and Tara soon realizes she might be the darkest and most dangerous shadow of all.

The Unicorn Wytch

Being a wytch is great. Being a Unicorn Wytch means Libby has a lot of power but it only works correctly during a full or new moon. She is hunted by her frenemy Zan- a fairy prince, and they have a friendly understanding. He tries to catch her and she pretends to feel threatened. But a new hunter is in town and this one means to capture the wytch and steal the unicorn magic to destroy all the wytches and claim Zan's crown of Fairy. They'll have to for real work together to save each other.

About TM Perkins

TM Perkins has been writing since she was about 13. She writes YA Urban Fantasy with a soft spot for spooky and classic horror along with all things dark and creepy. Halloween isn't just once a year in her household.

A Dangerous Longing is her first released book and she is currently working on a new trilogy with spirits dealing with their deaths.

TM Perkins lives in Northern Kentucky with her husband and two children.

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